Essence Festival Recap

Essence Festival Recap:
USBC Unveils New Bank Card
Washington, DC- As the number of black-owned banks are decreasing, USBC has focused it's efforts on supporting black-owned banks by encouraging Black entrepreneurs to Bank-Black. Previously USBC led members of The Black Male Entrepreneurship Institute to collectively open bank accounts at Washington, DC's historic black-owned Industrial Bank. Most recently USBC has partnered with one of the nation's oldest black banks-- Liberty Bank & Trust to create a new bank card. This unique bank card offers Black business owners access to:
  • Establish and/or rebuild credit + financial literacy
  • Interest rates as low as 9.96% (for qualified borrowers)
  • Credit limits from $1,000 - $10,000
  • Auto rental insurance
Click here to learn about the USBC & Liberty Bank Card.

USBC's Essence Fest Recap & Panel Discussions
USBC's Black Millennial Entrepreneurship Panel

Left to Right: Howard Jean- founder of BME, Kezia Howard- founder of BlackUpstart, Ron Busby- USBC President, David Smith- USBC Chief of Staff.

USBC's Access to Capital Panel Discussion

USBC providing attendees with access to capital insights. 
Connecting with Friends of the USBC
USBC President Ron Busby & Roland Martin

USBC President Ron Busby & Essence President Michelle Ebanks
USBC President Ron Busby is available for statements and press interviews.