SCBM 2017

2017 School of Chamber and Business Management

June 14-16- Washington, DC. The USBC School of Chamber & Business Management is a 3-day business development conference convening successful business owners, chamber leaders, corporate partners, government agencies and national policymakers for an intense series of workshops, panels and networking sessions dedicated to growing Black-owned businesses. This year's conference will have three course tracks for (1) Chamber of Commerce Executives, (2) Established Business Owners and (3) Millennial Entrepreneurs, ages 18-34.

We welcome you to join us in Washington, DC as we continue to serve as the National Voice for Black Business!



This year we’re bringing together Black business leaders, influencers and advocates to serve as panelists, workshop facilitators and special guest speakers.


USBC's School of Chamber & Business Management Video Recap & Conference Highlights
USBC 2016 Recap Video
USBC 2016 Recap Video
USBC is proud to receive funding for its Chamber affiliates. Special thank you to Wells Fargo for their sponsorship and continued support.
With the generous support of our sponsors, our attendees enjoyed 4 days of plenary sessions, luncheons, and customized workshops catering to Chamber Leaders, Business Owners and Young Entrepreneurs.
Dr. Boyce Watkins gives a candid perspective and analysis on the economic condition of the Black community. 
 Ed Gordon, Ron Busby, Dr. Jeffry Ogbar, and DeRay McKesson connect after the advocacy panel discussion.
Roland Martin moderates a panel with esteemed Church leaders to discuss ways to leverage the Black Church to promote entrepreneurship. 
Howard Jean, founder of the Black Male Entrepreneurship Institute co-hosts USBC's Young Entrepreneurs Reception. 
 Chamber Leaders discuss best practices and share resources.

The upcoming presidential election is of crucial importance. During this panel conference attendees received insights and perspectives from political commentators and thought leaders including Marie Johns, Micheal Eric Dyson, Reginald Chambers, and Tara Setmayer. 
In the final term of the nation's first Black President, USBC visited the White House and to provide conference attendees with a White House business briefing. 
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