USBC Visit's Flint - 3 Hard Truths

The USBC visited Flint, Michigan to assess the impact the man-made crisis is having on Black businesses and families. Following the visit, USBC President Ron Busby had this to say:

"We are saddened to see Black businesses and families suffer from the greed and mis-governance of local and state officials. Flint was once an epicenter of a thriving automotive industry which created wealth for the Black residents of Flint. Today's man-made crisis gives of 3 hard truths:


1.) Environmental racism is evident.

2.) The poisoning of Flint was entirely preventable.

3) Poverty makes communities vulnerable to injustices. There must be a mass effort to increase wealth in the Black community through business ownership, as a logical approach to alleviate vulnerability to injustices and man-made crises."

USBC President Ron Busby visits Flint.